Acro Yoga 757 - is our Acro Yoga community group where we get together on play, learn, work hard, laugh, small and have tons of shenanigans.


Check out - - A great resource for AcroYoga for photos of poses, videos, tutorials, and posting of your classes. It's a free worldwide online gathering of fellow AcroYogis.

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YogaSlackers is an eclectic group united by five principles: Yoga, Slacklining, AcroYoga, Adventure and Conditioning. Jason Magness and Sam Salwei co-founded the group in 2005 based on the activities that define their lifestyle. The stories behind the formation of our practice, family, and the business of YogaSlackers are humorous and full of serendipity. It seems that we were often just in the right place at the right time.

We specialize in gently nudging our students (and ourselves) far outside the comfort zone and into the realm of ultimate growth. Through traditional yoga, as well as various yogic based practices such as climbing, slacklining, and acrobatics we have become known worldwide for our teaching abilities. Our students say we “help them reach their potential” and “are super fun to be around!”

AcroYoga Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
AcroYoga is meant to be a fun, exciting and inspiring practice. AcroYoga is for everyone. One does not need to be a professional Acrobat or mover to partake in this fusion of movement modalities. CLICK HERE for questions commonly asked concerning the practice.

Acro Revolution is tribe of partner acrobatics teachers that embody a high level of acrobatic skill, teach progressive method-based teaching practices, and are servant leaders in their communities. Acro Revolution was born out of a desire to bring partner acrobatics knowledge together in a way that is user friendly and most helpful to the teachers, students, and community. Our teacher trainings are geared to acrobats that have put the time into their practice to be able to complete the prerequisites, and want to dive deeper into their own practice and learn new material. We use progressive/method-based teaching practices to facilitate positive learning experiences. In our training you learn techniques, progressions, and calibrations for washing machines, hand-to-hand, foot-to-hand, whips, and pops. We show you how to properly train these skills and teach the basic elements. We facilitate teacher’s that are embodied in their own acro practice and have the tools to be a successful acro teacher in their community.


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